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Meet the talented, experienced and compassionate team dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs

Rana Shanawani

Executive Director, WCEC

“I believe entrepreneurship is the panacea for eradicating poverty, building communities, improving health, and economic development. Because women reinvest 90% of their income in their families and communities (compared with 30%-40% for men), investing in women entrepreneurs is one of the highest return opportunities available.”

Steve Maiorano

Women’s Business Center Director, WBC

“My favorite part of being the Women’s Business Center Director is that I impart my knowledge of writing a business plan and financial projections to our clients, while I learn about new and disruptive businesses, up-and-coming industries and the super niche markets they serve. Every day I learn something new while being inspired by the creativity and innovation of the clients we serve.”

Email: smaiorano@wcecnj.org

Nichole Russell

Education & Marketing Director, WBC

“To me, our mission of empowering women business owners is valuable and necessary. My favorite moments are when I’m working directly with clients in the classroom or sharing their business updates on social media. They’re not just starting their own business, they’re creating jobs and giving back to the community. ”

Email: nrussell@wcecnj.org

Kat Diwaker

Program Manager

 “When equity is created, we all come out on the winning side. I am humbled in providing entrepreneurial guidance, education, and resources to underserved communities. Diversity is strength that’s forged in being seen and heard. I believe in our client’s entrepreneurial vision, ensuring it becomes a reality for all to see and hear.”

Email: kdiwaker@wcecnj.org

Steffi Groezinger

Entrepreneurial Reentry Program Manager

“What I love about the WCEC is that here we believe no one is underserving of entrepreneurial support. We are doing our part in reducing recidivism by empowering court involved women in their business ventures and enjoying ourselves along the way!”

Email: sgroezinger@wcecnj.org 

Ananda Coutain

Small Business Outreach Coordinator

“My favorite moments working for the WCEC are when I receive questions regarding exactly what we do. Shortly after I describe what we do, I am frequently greeted with astonishment and surprise. I believe our center is sometimes a hidden gem, and when uncovered, women-owned businesses wish they had found us sooner.”

Email: acoutain@wcecnj.org